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Pure Momentum Summit

I spoke to the Pure Momentum Summit group and described how working hard, doing what I love and giving back are the recipe for my success.

Credit Queens

Stephanie Castagnier from NBC's The Apprentice Tours the U.S. and Canada helping women get back in control of their debt! From the board room to the living room of every day people sharing money and debt tips.

Stephanie Returns to High School Alma Mater

The English Montreal School Board was proud to have Stephanie Castagnier, a 1993 graduate of Vincent Massey Collegiate in Rosemount, as a guest speaker at her old high school. She is presently a high profile contestant in the newest edition of the television show The Apprentice, starring Donald Trump. It airs on NBC and Global. Stephanie inspired the students with her success story as a real estate banker and how much she gained from attending Vincent Massey.

Stephanie Debates High School Students Trump Style

Taking a page from her experience in the boardroom with Donald Trump, Stephanie Castagnier challenged four Vincent Massey students to an on-stage, live debate!