Family Standard Operating Procedures (2017)

Family Standard Operating Procedures (2017)

FSOP Tips for 2017: FSOP #1 – Understand how pop culture influences your children’s thoughts about worth. Take lessons from the highly publicized mistakes of 2010 – from the failed “Kardashian Kard” to “Real Housewives” foreclosures and bankruptcies, celebrity culture skews our view of lifestyle expectations. Educate yourself and your teens about credit. When your […]

The New Era – Femconomy

What is the common trait shared among these thirteen women who changed the face of the world? Susan B. Anthony – Activist Alice Paul – Activist and contributor to gain a woman’s right to vote in 1920 Benazir Bhutto – Prime Minister of Pakistan Princess Diana – Princess of Wales Betty Friedan – Author and […]

How to Become A Proactive Woman

IN CONTROL Always be IN CONTROL of your own life. This is your car, you are the driver. Would you trust just anyone to drive your brand new Bentley? BELIEVE BELIEVE in yourself! Be confident in yourself ladies! The most attractive trait a man will notice in a woman is confidence in herself. Love yourself. […]