About Me




One of my childhood dreams was to work for Donald Trump in New York City!  I believe in the law of attraction and surrounding myself with positive and successful business people.   The real estate moguls in the most impressive city in the world is the perfect place to be if one is looking for successful role models.  When The Apprentice started airing on TV I knew this would be the perfect platform for me to showcase my talents to “The Donald”!

Donald Trump is one of the most successful American men of our time. I have always admired his ability to brand himself and become an international business tycoon.  Trump has faced adversity but was never afraid to take risks and start over.  He has been an inspiration to me and to be able to work for him would propel me into a whole new arena.

The fear of failure holds us back from trying new adventures and taking risks. We seek refuge in security and most live a safe yet uneventful life. I decided a long time ago that I wanted to truly live life and contribute significantly to the world. I knew I had tremendous talents and needed to do my part to be successful, motivate and inspire myself, and also inspire others to follow their dreams.

Donald Trump has a sense of pride and ambition and always seems to know exactly where he is going. Trump is someone I have wanted to work for to continue to develop and find my own path to success. I read Trump’s book “Think Big” and felt as though he wrote it specifically for me. I needed to break my comfort level and start thinking big. Now was my time to get in front of The Donald and show him what I was made of.



I was born and raised in Montreal. My parents were both teens when they brought me into this world and my family was uneducated and poor. My life began in a really poor and crime ridden neighborhood in Montreal called Ville St-Pierre. My father was illiterate and could think of no other way to find success than to deal drugs. He was a great and passionate man but made the wrong choices. To this day I do not judge my parents and believe they did they best they could to survive.

My father contracted HIV through his business ventures and infected my mother. As a result, both of my parents passed away from AIDS when I was young and I was left to face the world alone. I was forced to make my own decisions and was not going to make the same mistakes. My father always said “Do as I say, not as I do.”  Great advice that stuck with me.

Growing up, I watched American television and loved following business success stories. I would think to myself “I can do that!” I read about Donald Trump becoming a success in New York in the real estate market and was inspired to follow in his footsteps.

I decided I was going to go to the best University in Montreal, McGill University, acquire all the tools I needed and move to America to find my own success! I did just that. I worked full time and went to McGill full time pushing myself to always be two steps ahead of everyone else. I wanted to graduate with a little money set aside to invest when I arrived in America.

I remembered what my father had told me years prior, “if it was easy, everyone would be doing it.” I worked hard for many years with endless nights of studying and working nights to pay for my schooling. I kept my nose to the grind and plowed through, saved up and kept my focus.

I graduated from McGill University and my life in the big world had begun. I left my full time University job and began my life in the corporate world. Look out corporate jungle, here I come! I was more than ready to take on the world!!



When I arrived in Chicago I was filled with excitement and optimism. I wanted to follow my dream of finding success in real estate and eventually finding my way to work for Donald Trump! I started out as a stock broker then moved into commercial real estate banking. I quickly did what I do best, became #1! I became one of the most successful real estate bankers in America. I became an integral contributor to the U.S. economy as a Board Member of the CDC of Chicago’s Small Business Administration. I personally financed hundred of millions of dollars for small businesses across the country. I was ready to meet The Donald and could hit the ground running working for the Trump Organization. I have everything it takes to work for Trump and would be an asset to his organization.

I auditioned like everyone else did to get on The Apprentice. Slept on the sidewalk in my business suit and waited in line. There were several series of debates each resulting in me moving up to the next level. Twenty-five thousand people auditioned for a position on the show and I was selected along with fifteen other candidates. I was in and going to show them what getting things done was all about. This was my shot and I was ready! Look out New York city and Donald Trump, here comes The Castagnier!