I am a national speaker and advocate for AIDS awareness across the United Stated and Canada.  DIFFA is one of the many AIDS charities that my Child Cause organization supports. I thrive when I know I am making a difference and contributing to my community and country.
Working for the Trump family on The Apprentice inspired me to build my own real estate empire, continue to work hard and stay driven.
Throwing the first pitch at the Chicago White Sox game.  I need to work on my pitch this summer! I love Chicago!
One of my childhood dreams was to work for Donald Trump in New York City! I believe in the law of attraction and surround myself with positive, successful and productive people.
Trump Network founders Scott Stanwood, Lou DiCaprio and Todd Stanwood in Boston at a Trump Network Apprentice event. As the Executive Director/Apprentice Team Leader I am helping Americans across the country discover a new career opportunity!

Speaking at the Better Boys Foundation 50th Anniversary!
Speaking at DIFFA's Rock n Gala for AIDS awareness.
Chicago - My kind of town!

Chicago - My kind of town!

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